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Day 1

rinjani tour

  • At 7:00 AM – We leave RTC To Begin Our Climb. walk past the rice field &  the tropical rain forest in cool morning hours.  We arrive at base camp III for launch around 12 pm  on the way observe infamous rinjani, you will meet with naughty monkeys , so be  sure  to guard you food from this naughty primate. Afterward we continue on up to the crater rim for the first night camp. here we will enjoy our dinner with watch the sunset.


Day 2


  • At 7:00 AM  – you can get up early, if you wish to watch the sunrice from camp while  breakfast and enjoying the lake view from the crater rim , then we went on a trip to the lake Segara Anak in there we will enjoy a long break by the lake side and have lunch thereb, there you can swim in the cool lake water or just relaxing in the hot volcanic or just take a nap. at 2:90 pm we continue our trip to the sembalun crater rim for dinner in the secon night camp. be sure to get to bed early in  here we get up early the next day to catch the sunrise from the summit.

Day 3

tracking rinjani

  • At 3:00 Am – we start the 3 hour climb to the summit of rinjani to eatch the sunrise at height 3726 meters. after taking in the view from the top of rinjani , we return to see sembalun rim cam fora late breakfast. at 10:00 am we descen down to the village of sembalun, a journey of about 4 – 5 hour transport will be waiting for you there to transfer you to senaru.


Price include :

  • guide, porter, food & Drink
  • equipmen (tent,sliping bag , equipment tent , sleeping bag,  mat,  cooking gear)
  • ticket entrance fee transport return


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