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Gili-Gili-fast-boatGili Gili fast boat with a fast luxury boat that we provide to you are going on vacation to Gili.Gili Gili fast boat will take you to visit the Gili islands and enjoy the holidays with family and friends on the island you are free from these fumes.

Gili consists of three islands of Gili Trawangan,Gili Meno and Gili Air.Maybe you think Gili so far from Bali, but with Gili Gili fast boat you can get to the Gili islands just a few hours away from Padang Bai Bali.

Gili Gili fast boat to provide services and safety prioritizing.Gili Gili fast boat is the right choice for you as a service boat to gili fast boat with luxurious quality and complete facilities.
Gili Gili fast boat will ensure your comfort on the way from Bali to Gili with the international standard and of course guided by experienced staff and friendly. immediately plan your vacation to Gili with family, friends and colleagues.Please contact Gili Gili fast boat now. ..


Tourist attractions in Indonesia are so many and interesting. From West to East Indonesia certainly find many tourist attractions, this proves so rich and beautiful.Travel from Bali to Gili Islands provides information on the place of the famous island of Lombok Travel to Abroad. The island is geographically located among a Bali and Sumbawa,very outer beauty.If you want a holiday to Lombok and do not know the tourist attractions in Lombok, Travel from Bali to Gili Islands will provide information about the tourist attractions on the island of Lombok which must be visited.

  1. Gili islands In Lombok there are some very famous tourist attraction with a charm of white sand and beautiful sea views. For example Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili air, Gili lights. Travel this one is one of the Gili Trawangan in Lombok Gili most tourists are visited many local and foreign tourists. 
  2. Beachs in Lombok Perhaps you are familiar with Bali’s Kuta beach, then Krapyak Beach in Bandung.Lombok also no less interesting and beautiful. There are a lot of beaches that you can visit and still impressed at all natural. However, the famous beach in Lombok Senggigi beach today is the white sand and beautiful scenery. For additional information you can also visiting other beaches are like paradise beach, beach pink, which has a distinctive color is pink sand 
  3. Rinjani Mountain Lombok not only offer the beauty of coastal tourism in Gili,But you can test the adrenaline or the guts, to ascend to the summit of Rinjani, located in the village of Sembalun.Rinjani mount is one of the sights and Sightseeing in Lombok.You can see the beauty of Lake Segara Anak , Niagara Spring Gile and could directly observe the cultural life of the interior is very thick Sade tribe. 
  4. Kuliner Lombok Not complete it if it came in and explore some of the natural attractions of the island of Lombok without enjoying the typical food specialties Lombok.Like chili that Ayam Bakar Taliwang, Pelcing, Soto Khas Lombok and many others, for more details you can directly visit to the place Lombok Tourism. 
  5. Lombok Cultural. For Cultural tourism in Lombok Island may be more to the culture and traditions of the community. Sasak tribe who inhabit this island have the unique start in terms of language and customs, then you can observe historical relics such as the Tomb of King Seleparang past.

I think some of the above is a complete review to guide you in finding objects or Place of Interest in Lombok Island ranging from natural attractions, culinary to cultural tourism. Hopefully this can give you relevant information about the tourist attractions on the island of Lombok which must be visited could be your reference material when they want to visit Lombok future.

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