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The word Gili means ‘a little island’ in Sasak language, the local dialect of Lombok. However, Gili Islands actually refer to three tiny islands located in the north-west direction of Lombok. They are known as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. These islands have become so popular in the recent years that people visiting Bali and Lombok do not forget to spare one or two days for Gili islands. Unfortunately, they consider all three the same and feel that visiting any of them would give the same experience. However, in reality they are very different from each other and you need to know the peculiarities and vibes before travelling Gili islands.

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Gili Trawangan, where the party is always on

Come to ‘big brother’ of three and spend entire vacation in boozing and oozing. Yes, it is the famous iland of ‘sun, sand and sex’.  Popularly known as Gili T , it is the most developed place among Gili  family. In spite of the most number of hotels, guest-houses and resorts, availability of good rooms is a pain always. The island is always overcrowded and there is a scarcity of rooms.

There are a lot of cheap rooms available near the main landing space of the islands. These are homes converted into hotels in the nearby villages. Though the facilities are not very good and ambiance is not attractive, they are preferred by those who want complete beach fun and a party atmosphere.  If you look at the prices they won’t seem to be cheap because you have to spend at least 200 thousand Rupiah per day which may go up to 300 thousand in the peak season.  However, when you look at the prices of good hotels that range in 500 thousand to 700 thousand these accommodations are surely cheap and the best place for party animals!

If you love crowded places and pubs where so many people accompany you in dance and fun, then beachfront bars are the best choice. If you are a peace-lover planning to spend cool evenings in the pristine surroundings of beautiful landscapes, then the north tip of the island is good for you. There are so many laidback places where nobody disturbs your privacy and serenity.

Not only booze and fun, there are many adventure activities like snorkeling or scuba diving are lined up for the tourist. There is a turtle hatchery where people tiny turtles offshore. Of course, widespread white sand beaches are there for a complete beach vacation.


Gili Meno, the peaceful serene place

View of the west coast of Gili Meno looking so...

View of the west coast of Gili Meno looking south — Lombok is in the distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those who love serenity and silence, this is a paradise on earth for them. Gili Meno is the most family-friendly island among three. It is not much crowded and the beachfronts are safe for kids. Beautiful beaches offer neat and clean surroundings where people unwind with near and dear ones. Gili M also offers snorkeling and other fun activities, but they are not as maintained as you find at Gili T. There are plenty of accommodations available and the rates are cheaper as compared to Gili T.


Gili Air, the green island

As soon as you land at this magnificent island, amazing greenery welcomes you. Gili Air is a place where you find rich flora and fauna with an indigenous population. Because of localized water sources, the island maintains excellent ecological balance.

It is not a difficult thing to find great accommodation at Gili Air. In fact, you can find multiple choices based on individual preference and paying capacity. Some people find it the most sophisticated place among three. West coast of the island has an array of eye-catching beaches. However, it is a little bit difficult finding good accommodation there because it is certainly not a well-developed place.


Which one would you prefer?

Well, it depends on individual choice and type of group.  Young singles who want to indulge in partying and fun prefer Gili T. Those who need pure family fun move to Gili M whereas nature lovers don’t miss Gili Air. Public facilities and safety and security is not a concern at any place. People are extremely helping and supportive.


Investing in land will yield huge profits

Properties at Gili islands are high potential investment opportunities that will give phenomenal results after a few years. There has been a significant appreciation in the past and the trend seems to continue. Since the popularity is increasing day by day, more people are expected in the coming years. Obviously there will be a great demand for lands and buildings. Especially land has greater potential because it can be developed according to individual preference. According to investment gurus, investing in lands at Gili Island will be a great chance of making money. Especially, for foreign investors because they have a bigger risk taking abilities and deep pockets as compared to local investors. Government is promoting land investment throughout the country, including these islands.


Invest with us for greater yields and less tensions

We have been a well-known name for property investment in Bali and Gili islands. With a vast experience of property dealing, we are confident to offer an end-to-end solution for our clients. Our dedicated team persistently analyzes the top potential places across islands and come out with projects that have unbelievable prospects. They guide clients at every stage of the investment cycle. Due to complete transparency and honesty, nobody can question about the integrity and validity of us.

We believe that clients need step-by-step guidance at every stage of property dealing because there are different rules and regulations for overseas investment. Hence, it is recommended hiring expert service providers like us who work with high standards and absolute transparency. Different property laws like right to build, right of ownership, tight of use and right of rent, etc. are prevailing in the islands and we can interpret them best for the benefit of our clients. We also offer services for renewal of rights and defining procedures for land acquisition.  We make sure that proper legal agreements are prepared and there are no ambiguities later.

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