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Gili Islands Fast Facts.
There are numerous fast boat services operating between Bali and the Gilis. In good weather, fasat boats can make the crossing in around 80 minutes but in heavy seas the trip can take two hours or more. Make sure you choose a reputable company who care about passenger comfort and safety, rather than pack them in an profit.

Check weather conditions before going, the Lombok strait is one of the deepest bodies of water in the world and seas can get rough, with waves up to 5 meters in bad weather. Refuse to board overload boats.

It’s also possible to fly to Lombok island and transfer to Gilis from the mainland. There are few harboar can take up to the Gilis, such Senggigi beach can take charter only and Bangsal and Teluk Nare in north Lombok. For Gili islands trasfer you can contact us for airport pick up and boat transfer to Gilis.

On all three Gilis is suplied by generators and black outs are sometimes a problem. Many places have their own emergency generators but smaller business may rely on candles and latern when the power goes out.

is scarce resourceon the islands and fresh water is shipped from the mainland daily. A business on Gili T now supplies desalinated water and fresh water showers are becoming common. However smaller hotels and home stay may only provide salt water showers. use bottled water to rinse off. The tap water on all islands is not suitable for dringking but bottled water is cheap and readily available.

is available on the gilis at internet cafes and most larger hotels and restaurants. Connections can be intermittent and speeds are generally slow.

ATM Mechines
is available on Gili T and Gili Air. Credit cards are accepted at most dive shops and larger hotels and restaurants. Money changers are available on the islands although the rate is lower than mainland Lombok.

Health Service
On the islands are limited. there is a 24 hours clinic at hotel Villa Ombak on Gili T and small local clinics on Gili Meno and Air. Dive shop staff have emergency first aid training and basic medical suplies but for anything serious get to the mainland as fast as possible.

The Gilis generally hotter than mainland Lombok. make sure you drink plenty of waters to stay hydrated and use sun protection, even on cloudy days. There is no motorised transport on any of the islands. Walk, ride a bycile or ride in a cidomo (local horse cart). none of the islands is very large, so walking is an easy option. Bycicles can be hired for between IDR 25.000 and ODR 50.000 per day, depending on the type and condition of the bike. Some hotels provide bikes free of charge for their guests.

Cidomo fare are now fixed by law and fares are displayed in the front of the cart. Generally, short distances will cost around IDR 40.000 around the island tour cost IDR 125.000 on Gili T.

is casual on the islands and it is normal to see tourists walking around in swimsuits, sarongs and shorts. Remeber the islands residents are muslim and nude or topless sun bathing is frowned upon. Please respect island sensibilities and keep clothes on.

can sometimes be problem, especially during rainy season. DEET repelients are the best protection and local and local product such as Autan and OFF are relatively cheap and readily available in the shops.

The Gili Eco Trust ( GET )
is a non profit organization based on Gili T that works to protect and conserve the environtment. GET activities include reef conservation, resources management, waste management and education programmes to name a few. To date, the Eco trust has installed 63 biorock structures around the islands. The metal frames structures creat artificial reefs using low voltage curent to promote new coral growth and provided homes for schools of fish and reef creatures.

The Eco Trust raises funds for its programmes through an Eco tax of IDR 50.000 collected from divers on the islands. Clean up days, to collected rubish from the beach and sea. take place on the first friday of every month on Gili T. Register at Gili T dive shop and joint the fun!

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